Manufacturer And Exporter - Tube Type Level Gauges

We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter huge range of Tube Type Level Gauge in this industry.  Your level gauge should have the same strength as your vessel to withstand the high pressures to which it is subjected and the corrosive characteristics of the fluid. Also, your precious manner fluid must never leak out through the glass fitting. In industries, you may have to measure the levels of colorless liquid, an interface of immiscible fluids, and liquids with sub-zero temperatures and liquids with too much foaming. All those necessities may be met with by our modern-day forms of flat glass level gauges. The Tube Type Level Gauge is established parallel to tank as a way to shape a closed loop inflicting tank liquid to be trying to find its stage with inside the gauge.Guards are furnished with inside the shape of tie-rods /c-channels across the gauge to shield it from unintentional blows. End blocks need to construct sets apart valve, drain valve & vent plug.

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