Y type strainers are special mechanical devices used for removing unwanted solids or foreign elements from liquids or gases. This is done with the help of a perforated or wired mesh that filters the useless material from the main element. The name Y-strainers is given because the shape and flow of material in the strainer. The liquid or gaseous substance is passed through the inlet portion. It then flows through the filter present in center, it removes the unwanted elements from it and passes the final filtered matter to the outlet.

The shape and mesh size is selected according to the substance that is to be filtered. PEC is the chief manufacturer of Y-Strainers available in different type of dimensions. We provide a diverse range of Y strainers that are even modified as per the requirement of the client. Our strainers are used for cleaning tar, oil, boilers, gas stations, chemical industries, cosmetic industries, plants, etc.

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They act as cost effective solution in various application areas. These Y type strainers are used to protect the pumps, meters, control valves, regulators and other equipments in pipelines. They are the cost effective solutions for straining the matter in various industries. We rank as supplier and exporter of the most reliable Y strainers in India as well as other countries.


  • Cast and fabricated model
  • Less maintenance
  • Coarse to 500 mesh size
  • Size of strainer up to 100mm NB
  • Designed considering minimum pressure drop
  • Bolted cover
  • Easy cleaning and changing
  • Hydraulic tested at 15kg/sq.cm in every model of Y strainers